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Three Quirky Hacks When Shooting for a Food TV Commercial

Food advertising should be able to trigger the consumers to want the product the TV commercial is selling. However, it is not that easy and simple as there are technical and scientific challenges such as chemical kinetics that affect some products while shooting a commercial. That is why, the production team led by the food stylist and propsman most especially, found interesting techniques to keep the delicious appeal intact. You might be surprised to know some of these quirky hacks!

1. Dish soap in beer - Dish soap is added into the glass to reproduce the foam and for it to last significantly longer. Enough time to capture that inviting beer foam while achieving a good take.

2. Using mashed potatoes as ice cream - since ice cream melts quickly especially under the hot lights, it is replaced with mashed potatoes and is colored depending on the flavor of the product being featured. Now you know why a strawberry or mocha ice cream looks so delicious even after a long filming.

3. Putting antacids in soft drinks - since carbon dioxide does not last long and puffs immediately after pouring, adding antacid tablets into the soda is done for a more vibrant re-appearance of the bubbles. You will surely get that thirst-quenching shot and will make you desire for a glass of soda.

These are just some of the subtle tricks and secrets behind the scenes of our favorite food ads. These are rigorously done by the production team to make every food commercial worth watching as it appears surprisingly realistic and delicious even when viewed on TV or gadgets. The goal is for the audience to crave and purchase. The actual taste is a totally different story.

So, next time you see a food commercial, do you wonder if it's for real or for reels?

Posted by Myles Naguit
Myles Naguit
Myles Naguit is the Head of Sales of GiantSponge. She is a seasoned agency accounts person who used to handle Jollibee, Unilab, and other prominent brands.