Giantsponge Digital has been working on client's storyboards for quite some time now. Our passion and drive are fueled by the continued collaboration with brilliant marketing minds and creative agencies both in the Philippines and abroad.

Our Team actively keeps up with the time and stay in the game by always choosing the best talents around. We make sure that our established In House TVC Director and GiantSponge Managing Partner, Gus Cruz, is surrounded by top notch production specialists like the production designers, food stylists, cinematographers, production managers and acting coaches.

Quoting Direk Gus as featured on adobo Magazine:

GiantSponge is not your run-of-the-the-mill factory production house. Each project is as personalized as possible. The intimate set-up at GiantSponge allows greater client privacy, allowing finished products to make that splash when they're officially launched.

We always raise the bar for ourselves, always push ourselves to give clients something a notch higher than they expected of us.

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